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There is no great secret or magical potion to being a good Project Manager. 90% of the job is about doing the basics, but doing them exceptionally well.

What does this mean? You can ignore the long job spec that your HR group loves. Instead below is a list of the top ten things that a Project Manager does.


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WRONG! Contrary to what many people believe, the Statement of Work (SOW) is not a sales tool. The SOW is a legal contract used to document the agreement only after the business terms have been agreed. This preliminary agreement can be verbal. This means that if there are price issues (and there always are!), have those negotiations before the SOW is presented. Yes, you could ignore this advice and use the SOW to negotiate the contract but doing so will always take more time.


Selecting and managing off-shore vendors

by Barry on July 14, 2010

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It can be difficult selecting the proper vendor for your needs as most vendors have the same sales pitch and follow the same delivery model. Look for the vendors that truly understand what it takes to deliver quality projects.


Ten Ways to Screw up a Project

by Barry on March 14, 2010

Danger sign

First, the best time to screw up a project is right in the beginning. Might as well start screwing up during the pitch. Or if that’s not possible, there are plenty of opportunities during planning and concepting. This means that you can screw up early and then relax.

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Project Management in a digital agency

by Barry on March 11, 2010

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I am often asked by members of my team, job candidates, recruiters, clients, and client prospects what are the most important aspects of a Project Manager in a digital agency? The top three things that I look for are Project Managers who acts as risk manager, provides flexibility while protecting the agency, and are integration experts.

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