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I believe that focusing on People and Process enables Profitability. I provide consulting services that help you revise or create an operations framework that develops your People, with a repeatable, reliable and scalable Process,  that will ultimately increase your Profitability.

Three simple rules are followed

First and foremost, I believe in simplicity. Don’t over-complicate or over-analyze the situation.  While planning and strategy is essential, it is usually best to follow a test and learn methodology where you implement, test results, and apply learnings back in.

Second, don’t shoot the messenger. When looking at problems, strive to do a root analysis so that you truly understand which are the causes and which are the affects.  Finding the true underlying cause is not always obvious as many organizations tend to focus on solving the affects, whereby since they never fix the actual problem, it continues to manifest itself over and over again.

Finally do the basics exceptionally well. 90% of the project management and operations is about doing the basics but doing them exceptionally well. I use repeatable and dependable ways of doing things so that you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel.

While following these simple rules, the following guiding principles are adhered to.

Deliver on commitments without fail. No excuses. Period. Too many people always find an excuse for not doing what they say they will deliver.  Be different. Be known as the one who always finds a way to deliver, every single time, no matter what the obstacle.

Ensure no surprises. I believe that true transparency is non-negotiable. This applies to work with each other, working with our partners and working with clients.

Provide flexibility. As our client’s needs are changing, one must remain flexible. I will find solutions that support this flexibility.  The word “no” is not in our vocabulary as there are always solutions just waiting to be negotiated.

Ensure uncompromised integrity. You earn trust and respect everyday but can lose it in the flash of a moment. Always act with integrity, which may not always be the easy route, but I believe that there is no other choice.

Provide continuous improvement. What you do right now is not good enough six months from now. Always strive to keep improving and keep raising that magical bar.

Ensure quality at every touch point. While we understand the concept of “good enough”, make sure that every touch point is of quality without exception.

Use straight talk. Avoid jargon and stamp out passive-aggressiveness. Be direct when talking with others so that true communications occurs.


I customize my process to your specific needs. Below highlights the typical methodology and deliverables.

  • Step 1: Discovery. I will analyze your organization and provide a findings report, detailed recommendations, and a phased road map for success. This plan will be presented to you for your feedback and approval. Will also work with you develop Key Performance Indicators to make sure that progress can be measured.
  • Step 2: Operational framework. Working closely with your team, begin implementing the road map based on the phasing plan. Depending on your team’s availability to participate in the execution of the framework, this is tailored this so that your team does a lot or little of the actual work.
  • Step 3: Project Management Boot Camp. Train your project managers and producers on how to manage projects based on the new operational framework. This is completely customized based on your workflows, your processes and your tools. My base camp is different from typical project management training courses because it is based on your actually processes and tools, and is something that your project managers can begin using immediately.
  • Step 4: Ongoing consulting. Once the framework has been implemented, am available for support and guidance. Will also review the framework on a quarterly basis to analyze what is working well and what can be improved as learnings are applied back into your framework.
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Susan Daly March 27, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Barry, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts about Project Management and SOWs. I also like your concept of “focusing on People and Process enables Profitability”.

I have recently taken over a struggling software company in Vancouver and one of (several) areas that I see we need to improve upon is in our Professional Services area of our business, both in how we sell our PS engagements and in how we present SOWs and deliver on projects.

I see from your LinkedIn profile that you’re currently working at another company. Do you still take on small consulting gigs? We don’t have a huge budget for consulting services as we’re a small company (9 employees) but I would be interested in knowing if you provide consulting services anymore and what costs I can expect. Obviously I recognize you will need more information from me so I would be happy to have a chat with you over the phone. Please email me and we’ll take things from there!

Thank you,


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